Contact Us Today! is proud to partner with, America’s pioneering STEM education research and credentialing organization. Together, we’re soaring to new heights, sharing a mission to empower learners and innovators across the globe.


Founded in 2001, has established itself as a leader in STEM education research, offering credentialing services that have reached educators, students, and organizations in over 25 countries. Their commitment to enhancing STEM skills and opportunities through various programs, including the renowned Certified™ and Accredited™ trust marks, underscores their dedication to quality education and global recognition​​​​.’s approach goes beyond traditional education, integrating cutting-edge pedagogics and andragogics to support the world’s top brands and organizations and thousands of dedicated educators worldwide. Their work with notable partners, from large non-profits to industry leaders, highlights their expansive impact and trust in their programs​​.

Shared Vision and Commitment

At RocketDrones, we share’s passion for innovation and education. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge drone technology into educational programs aligns with’s objectives to foster an environment where learning is engaging, practical, and directly tied to real-world applications.

Collaborative Efforts and Impact

RocketDrones and are working to bring STEM education to the forefront of young minds. Through hands-on learning experiences, students gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are crucial in today’s technology-driven world.


Choosing as a partner was driven by its proven track record of excellence and innovation in education. Their dedication to providing educators and organizations with the credentials and support needed to excel in STEM education makes them an ideal partner for RocketDrones. By combining our technological expertise with their educational insight, we’re setting new standards in learning and development. logo