Flexible Drone Curriculums

At Rocket Drones, we pride ourselves on offering a versatile and comprehensive middle and high school drone curriculum that can seamlessly integrate into various educational programs. Our curriculum is designed to be adaptable, fitting perfectly as a dedicated CTE, STEM, or Robotics course or easily blending into core lesson exercises across math, science, history, and creative arts classes. This flexibility allows educators to tailor the curriculum to their students’ needs and interests, enhancing their learning experiences.

For students aged 13 and older, we include an FAA recreational certification, enabling them to fly drones in controlled airspace and further expand their knowledge and skills. Our all-encompassing curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including drone types, the history of drones, flight principles, anatomy of a drone, drone use applications, careers with drones, and drone safety & regulations. With engaging exploratory activities, extension lessons, and quizzes, students gain a thorough understanding of drone technology and its real-world applications.

By offering a diverse and adaptable drone curriculum that caters to various educational settings, Rocket Drones ensures that students acquire valuable knowledge and skills, setting them on the path to success in the exciting world of drone technology.

With our drone curriculums, you’ll get a semester’s worth of classes at twice-a-week intervals with 45-minute sessions.

Intro to Drones Curriculum

These curriculums are for middle and high school, focusing on CTE and STEM and offering a crosswalk ability. Since our state and national standards codes are included, your teachers in math, science, and other subjects can also use the curriculum. 

In addition to our drone lessons, you’ll find math, history, and more.


  • $3,000 (Without a drone kit)
  • $6,500 With Classroom Drones + Flight
    Challenges (Coming Late Spring of 2024)

Updates are enhanced yearly. Pricing is per school and includes a 10-year license.

The curriculum has an annual maintenance fee of $250 to keep the curriculum current and up to date with the
ever-changing field of drone technology

Lesson List

Lesson 1: What is a Drone?
  1. Aerial Drones
  2. Ground-Based Drones
  3. Water-Based Drones
  4. Space Drones
  5. Explore 1: Exploring further into drones
  6. Explore 2: Design Your Own Drone
  7. Quiz: What is a drone
  8. Quiz: Vocabulary
Lesson 2: History of Drones
  1. Explore 1: The Evolution of Drones
  2. Explore 2: Drone Timeline
  3. Quiz: History of drones
Lesson 3: How Drones Fly
  1. Extend: Newton’s laws of motion
  2. Extend: Bernoulli’s principle
  3. Explore: Investigating Bernoulli’s Principle and Lift
  4. Quiz: Newton’s Laws
  5. Quiz: Bernoulil’s Principle 
  6. Quiz: How Drones Fly
  7. Quiz: Vocabulary
Lesson 4: Anatomy of an Aerial Drone
  1. Extend: DC Motors
  2. Extend: How a Battery Works
  3. Explore: Dissecting a Drone
  4. Quiz: Batteries
  5. Quiz: DC Motors
  6. Quiz: Anatomy of an Aerial Drone
  7. Quiz: Vocabulary
Lesson 5: Applications of Drones
  1. Extend: Drone delivery
  2. Explore: Drones in the Workplace
  3. Quiz: Drone Delivery
  4. Quiz: Applications of Drones
Lesson 6: Careers in Uncrewed Systems
  • Extend: Starting a Drone Business
  • Explore: Careers with Drones
  • Quiz: Starting a Drone Business
  • Quiz: Careers in Uncrewed Systems
Lesson 7: Drone Safety and Regulations
  • Explore: Understanding Airspace
  • Quiz: Drone Safety and Regulations 
  • Quiz: Vocabulary
Lesson 8: Obtain your FAA TRUST Drone Certificate

Get FAA Recreational Drone Certified

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