Summer Camps

Drone Kits For Schools

Designed to be more than just a classroom resource, our drone racing kit provides the foundation for a summer full of high-flying adventure and immersive learning.

Our drone racing kit offers students an action-packed introduction to the world of drones and drone racing. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – this hands-on learning experience enhances skills in areas such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and more.

Best of all, our Summer Camp Program not only serves as an enriching opportunity for students but also as a resourceful way for schools to recoup the cost of the drone racing program. By offering a captivating summer camp experience, schools can generate revenue that goes directly towards supporting and sustaining their drone education initiatives.

Get ready for a summer of excitement, learning, and drone-fueled fun with Rocket Drones. Let’s take off into the summer sky together!”

Summer Camp Overview

Objective: Teach high schoolers how to safely and effectively fly and racing drones in a fun and engaging environment.

Duration: 5 days, 4 hours per day

Participants: 24 kids, divided into four groups of six

Resources: Six FPV drones, a drone simulator with 12 licenses, safety goggles, spare parts, and a racecourse


Day 1: Introduction to Drones and Safety

Welcome and icebreaker activities

Brief overview of FPV drone technology, components, and terminology

Introduction to safety guidelines and best practices

Demonstration of proper drone handling and maintenance

Hands-on activity: Drone inspection & charging

Drone simulator: Basic flight controls and practice


Day 2: Basic Flight Skills

Review safety guidelines

Warm-up activity: Drone simulator practice

Introduction to basic flight maneuvers (e.g., take-off, hover, forward flight, turns, landing)

Group flight practice with instructor supervision (6 kids per drone, rotating after each flight)

Drone simulator practice with basic flight skills

Debrief and group discussion


Day 3: Intermediate Flight Skills and Racecourse Introduction

Review safety guidelines and basic flight skills

Warm-up activity: Drone simulator practice

Introduction to intermediate flight skills with FPV goggles

Group flight practice with instructor supervision (6 kids per drone, rotating after each flight)

Introduction to the racecourse: Obstacles, checkpoints, and strategy

Drone simulator practice with racecourse other players

Debrief and group discussion

Drone Kits For Schools

Day 4: Racecourse Practice and Time Trials

Review safety guidelines and flight maneuvers

Warm-up activity: Drone simulator practice

Group racecourse practice with instructor supervision (6 kids per drone, rotating after each flight)

Time trials: Each participant flies the racecourse individually and records their time

Drone simulator practice focused on improving racecourse performance

Debrief and group discussion


Day 5: Drone Racing Tournament and Closing Ceremony

Review safety guidelines and racecourse strategy

Warm-up activity: Drone simulator practice

Drone racing tournament: Participants compete in a series of races, with the top performers advancing through a bracket-style competition

Award ceremony: Recognize participants for their achievements in the camp, such as fastest race time, most improved, and best sportsmanship

Closing remarks and discussion: Reflections on the camp experience, future involvement in drone racing, and potential applications of drone technology

Throughout the camp, the drone simulator will be used to reinforce lessons and provide additional practice for students as they wait for their turn to fly the drones.

Drone Kits For Schools