Navigating Drone Education Made Easy with Rocket Drones Support

At Rocket Drones, we’re committed to providing exceptional support, ensuring that guidance and assistance are always at your fingertips. Our comprehensive how-to video library covers every aspect of drone technology and operation, from binding your drone to participating in your first race. With an extensive range of instructional videos, you’ll always find the answers you need.

In addition to our video library, we offer the convenience of scheduling live video calls with our state-of-the-art training studio, equipped with four dedicated viewing cameras. This allows your viewing experience to be as if you’re here with us allowing for our experts to address any technical issues with ease and in real-time, ensuring you receive personalized assistance when you need it most.

We also provide coaches guides to help facilitate smooth and enjoyable drone racing experiences, making each step of the process accessible and straightforward. Our all-in-one portal streamlines access to resources, support, and information, creating a user-friendly experience for all.

For those seeking a more hands-on approach, we offer in-person training to give you the confidence and expertise required to excel in the world of drone technology. With Rocket Drones, you can trust that our unparalleled support will help you soar to new heights in your drone journey.


Drone Curriculum

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Drone Curriculum

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Drone Curriculum

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