Shaping the Future of Drone Education and Launching Students to New Heights

Welcome to Rocket Drones, the premier provider of drone racing, drone curriculum, and drone career training for middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Our mission is to expose students to the exciting world of drones and help them develop the skills and certifications necessary to succeed in various technology-related careers.

Founded by drone industry professionals who bring unparalleled knowledge and insights into our comprehensive drone curriculum and training programs. By bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications, Rocket Drones empowers the next generation of drone professionals to reach new heights in this rapidly growing industry.

Drones In School
Drones In School

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Solutions by Grade

Unlocking Potential: The Innovative Student Pathways at Rocket Drones

At Rocket Drones, our comprehensive student pathways offer a start-to-finish journey into the world of drones, ensuring our students are not just certified, but also fully qualified and job-ready. Embrace the future of technology with Rocket Drones – where we turn passion into profession.

Drone Racing

Our unique approach begins with the thrill of drone racing. Our versatile drone racing kit can accommodate between 12 and 24 racers, with the potential for adding more drones for larger student clubs or classroom STEM challenges.

For students with a deeper interest in drone technology, we offer a middle and high school curriculum that provides an in-depth look at the world of drones, including drone history, anatomy, basic flight principles, regulations, applications, and potential job opportunities in this fast-growing field.
Classroom Flying & Coding
With our Coding Drones, the possibilities for student activities are virtually endless. Students can learn the fundamentals of coding by programming their drones to perform specific maneuvers. This not only develops valuable technical skills but also promotes problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.
Students aged 16 and above can take advantage of our commercial drone certification training to obtain an FAA 107 drone license, setting the stage for a professional career in drone technology.
Skillset Training
We also provide commercial drone simulators for certified drone pilots, allowing students to log flight time while gaining hands-on experience inspecting radio towers, bridges, and more.
Drone Kits For Schools

Launching STEM & CTE to New Heights

Rocket Drones is deeply committed to fostering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and CTE (Career Technical Education) learning in schools, bridging the gap between traditional education and real-world applications. Our innovative drone STEM kits and comprehensive drone curriculum provide students with hands-on learning experiences, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. These skills are essential for success in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Our Mission

By integrating our drone technology into CTE programs, we prepare students for in-demand careers within the drone industry and beyond, instilling valuable knowledge and practical skills that can be transferred to various fields. Our CTE drone education programs are designed to empower students, equipping them with the tools and certifications needed to excel in their chosen professions.

Rocket Drones is dedicated to shaping the future of education by connecting STEM and CTE, creating a well-rounded, interactive, and immersive learning experience that prepares students for success in the workforce and in their daily lives.

Drone Kits For Schools

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Careers in drones include:

Drone Stem Kits

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot

CTE Drone Certification

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer

CTE Drone Education

Robotics Engineer

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Operator

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Specialist

Unmanned Space Vehicle Engineer

UAV Systems Integration Specialist

Drone Software Developer

Drone Data Analyst

Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer

UGV Mining Technician

UUV Oceanographer

UAV Agricultural Analyst

Drone Forestry Consultant

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Specialist

UGV Construction Equipment Operator

UAV Search and Rescue Operator

UUV Marine Biologist

Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Manager

Unmanned Cargo Transport Coordinator

UUV Pipeline Inspection Specialist

UAV Environmental Monitoring Expert

UGV Logistics Specialist

Autonomous Vehicle Safety Engineer

UUV Archeology Researcher

UAV Precision Agriculture Technician

UAV Disaster Response Coordinator

UGV Bomb Disposal Technician

Unmanned Vehicle Systems Educator

UAV Package Delivery Operator

UUV Ocean Exploration Specialist

UGV Smart Farming Expert

UAV Wildlife Conservationist

Autonomous Vehicle Cybersecurity Analyst

UUV Underwater Infrastructure Inspector

Unmanned Vehicle Law and Policy Advisor

UAV Remote Sensing Specialist

Drone Racing Event Organizer

Unmanned Vehicle Systems Designer

Autonomous Vehicle Communications Specialist

UAV Geospatial Analyst

UGV Border Patrol Support Specialist

Unmanned Vehicle Sensor Technology Developer

UUV Marine Geologist

UAV Infrastructure Inspection Technician

Autonomous Vehicle Ethics Specialist

UGV Military Operations Support Specialist

UAV Cinematographer

Unmanned Vehicle Systems Project Manager

UUV Aquaculture Specialist

UAV Energy Infrastructure Inspector

Drone Swarm Coordinator

Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Engineer

UAV Lidar Mapping Specialist

UGV Robotic Process Automation Developer

UUV Environmental Impact Assessor

Unmanned Vehicle Human-Machine Interface Designer

UAV Medical Supply Delivery Operator

UGV Planetary Exploration Scientist

UUV Hydrographic Surveyor

Unmanned Vehicle Maintenance Technician

Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Engineer

UUV Subsea Engineer

UGV Hazardous Waste Management Specialist

UAV Avalanche Monitoring Expert

Unmanned Vehicle Machine Learning Engineer

UUV Naval Mine Countermeasure Specialist

UGV Urban Planning Analyst

UAV Land Surveyor

Unmanned Vehicle Telemetry Analyst

UUV Coral Reef Monitoring Expert

UGV Telecommunication Infrastructure Specialist

UAV Volcanology Researcher

Unmanned Vehicle System Test Engineer

UUV Offshore Drilling Support Specialist

UGV Public Transportation Analyst

UAV Meteorological Data Collector

Unmanned Vehicle Battery Engineer

UUV Seismic Exploration Specialist

UGV Material Handling Automation Expert

UAV Earthquake Response Coordinator

Unmanned Vehicle Remote Sensing Scientist

UUV Fisheries Researcher

UGV Smart City Infrastructure Specialist

UAV Atmospheric Research Scientist

Unmanned Vehicle Power Systems Engineer

UUV Water Quality Monitoring Specialist

UGV Warehouse Automation Expert

UAV Forest Fire Monitoring Coordinator

Unmanned Vehicle Imaging Systems Engineer

UUV Underwater Acoustic Researcher

UGV Urban Search and Rescue Operator

UAV Coastal Erosion Specialist

Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems Engineer

UUV Ocean Current Monitoring Expert

UGV Robotics Competition Organizer

UAV Glaciology Researcher

Unmanned Vehicle Human Factors Engineer

UUV Oil Spill Response Specialist

UGV Unmanned Construction Equipment Engineer

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