Career Skill Set Simulations

Welcome to the Rocket Drones Commercial Drone Simulator page – your dedicated resource for mastering commercial drone job environments. Our state-of-the-art simulator provides a realistic training platform for practicing diverse job scenarios, including tower inspections, bridge inspections, drone photography, drone videography, and many more.

The unique immersive environment of our simulator allows you to engage with the challenges and nuances of commercial drone operations, thereby preparing you for the real world. Plus, we’re constantly updating and adding new simulations to reflect the dynamic landscape of commercial drone applications.

Career skill setAs an instructor, you have the power to assign specific simulations to students, log student flight hours, record FAA regulation breaches, and more. Our tools offer a comprehensive assessment of student performance, allowing for effective teaching and skills development.

Join us in the world of Rocket Drones Commercial Drone Simulator and hone your drone piloting skills for tomorrow’s jobs. Transform your learning experience from static to dynamic and become job-ready with Rocket Drones!