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Rocket Drones and the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) play significant roles in contemporary education, particularly career and technical education (CTE). Our shared vision paves the way for a partnership that could enhance educational outcomes and career readiness among students.

Emphasis on Career and Technical Education (CTE)

ACTE is one of our strongest mediums for connecting directly with our educator audience. CTE educators teach certificate-based career pathways that are offered in our high schools. ACTE offers webinars, seminars, conferences, and publications that give us multiple mediums for delivering our message while allowing us to learn directly from educators in this growing field of certificate-based career pathways. 

Hands-On Learning and Real-world Applications

Both we and ACTE emphasize hands-on learning. Rocket Drones offers practical drone kits and curriculums that provide real-world applications of technology, aligning with ACTE’s advocacy for experiential learning within CTE programs. This alignment highlights the potential for joint initiatives in developing comprehensive, practical educational tools and experiences.

Bridging the Skills Gap

We’re also aligned on our commitment to bridging the skills gap in the workforce. Rocket Drones contributes by equipping students with technical skills in drone operation and STEM, while ACTE promotes a broader range of technical skills and competencies through its programs. 

Inclusion, Access, and Diversity

ACTE emphasizes inclusion, access, equity, and diversity in education. Through our educational kits, Rocket Drones makes STEM education more accessible to diverse student populations. Together, we’re able to further these ideals, ensuring that all students, regardless of background, have opportunities to engage in CTE and STEM.

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